Breathwork (Rebirthing) is a safe, gentle, circular breathing technique that will tap you into your passion and purpose in life! During a Soul Breathe experience, Kamala-who is a professionally trained Breathworker of 8 years, will be guiding you through a one-two hour session which will increase the level of oxygen in your body, gently releasing past traumas. Many have experienced effortless peace, balance, more joy and ease in their lives from Breathwork.

The increased level of oxygen stimulate the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Since 70% of body toxins are eliminated through breathing, it supports us to learn to breathe freely and fully. Breathwork also raises the blood’s alkaline level, a result sought by many health care professionals.

Other substantial benefits of Breathwork are that it releases stored emotions from the body and accesses the part of the brain that stimulates memory. By learning to breathe consciously, one is able to uncover and release limiting thought patterns and traumas from the past.